If you are looking for a fish finder that makes use of advanced technology, then Hummingbird fish finders would be the right choice for you. These fish finders make use of advanced solar technology which lets you look deep into the water through different imaging techniques. They are designed carefully for providing you with a clear picture of anything found under the boat. Hummingbird has unlocked several features such as Side Imaging and Down Imaging. In fact, these two are the most popular features of Hummingbird fish finder.Let us compare and contrast both the features in this article.

Side imaging:
If you have purchased the Hummingbird Fish Finder with side imaging feature, then you may require some time to get acquainted with this device, especially for understanding its outcomes. With practice and regular usage, you will be able to understand how straightforward side imaging is. Your fishing boat will be seen at the top of your monitor, and so, you can see everything behind your boat. In the mid-screen, you will find a darker section, which is nothing but the sonar beams traveling through the water.  Fish, mounts, structures and ditches will be displayed in ultimate detail. Fishes are shown as spindled shaped objects on your screen whereas the balls of fish are displayed as the cloud.  Hard bottom terrain and the rising terrain will be appearing lighter on the monitor.

The transducer will send a sound beam into the body of water. Whenever it hits any fish, rock, tree or any structure, the echo will be sent back, and you will find the reflection appearing on the screen. This works perfectly with the accurate view of side imaging technology.

Down Imaging:
Unless you get acquainted yourself with side imaging fish finder, you will find it difficult to interpret the outputs of down imaging. When you look at the down imaging display, you will find the boat positioned on the right corner at the top of the screen. The image displayed on the screen is formed at the back of your boat exactly where you have mounted the transducer. Of course, it is the right position for mounting the transducer.

The objects cut by sonar bean usually appear on the screen, and they can be easily distinguished what they are simply by looking at their shapes. The shapes of any dense product will appear very clear on the screen. But the downside is that you will not let it know where the object is, and so, it should be estimated. Down imaging is extremely reliable to measure the depth. You can measure how deep every ditch is with down imaging. When you are fishing in water where more concentration of flora is found, you will be able to understand where to direct and avoid losing your attention.

Side Imaging Or Down Imaging?
Whether you are using Hummingbird fish finder with down imaging feature or side imaging feature, the reliability of the information depends greatly on the model you have chosen. You should opt for high-end models to get the best quality outputs.