Nowadays, games are as much important as the study. These games keep a person fit and healthy. There are lots of sports that we play in our daily life.Basketball is one such game that plays many benefits in a person’s life that plays basketball. For playing basketball, a person needs a ball, shoes, hoop, and place. The place, hoop, and ball would be same for everyone, but the quality of the shoes must be looked upon. The game of a player depends on upon the quality of shoes; he is wearing. So, a person must check the quality of shoes before buying a pair for basketball. He must go through the following tips:

Playing Needs: Degree of cushioning, flexibility and support are the basic needs of a basketball player. It also depends on upon the game of the person that:

o He has a power game or speed game.
o He plays attacking or defensive game.
o He directly plays or plays with assistance.
For a basketball player, cushioning is very much important. Flexibility and support are somewhat relevant features. They are co-related to each other. More is the shoe flexibility; less is the support and vice-versa. So, a person can choose one of the features, before buying a pair of shoes for basketball.

Ankle Height: For a perfect gaming experience, a player needs to go through the height of ankle of shoes. Also, their roles in the team decide the type of shoes. General shoes are the needs of all the players around. A swift and fast moving player don’t need a ankle high pair, as it will restrict the proper movement of legs and feet. Also, high tops would not suit these players. For such players, low or mid top shoes would be best suited. For players who make the start and stop moves, high top shoes are best suited.

Foot Size: If a person is shopping offline that is from the market, you can easily try the shoes and buy the one which best fits your feet. Also, many shops have a foot measuring tool with which a person can get the perfect shoes for his feet.

If a person shops online, then he must find a size chart and before that he should trace his foot on paper. The traced foot should be measured with a scale in centimeters. Then compare the size in centimeter to the size on the size chart. This way a person can find a perfect pair for him.

Price and Quality: It is very important to buy a good quality product which fits in the budget. These days, there are many brands selling these basketball shoes.But Nike are most popular basketball shoes brand which makes best quality of basketball sneakers. Some are very expensive, and some are cheap. But as the quality increases, the price also increases. The shoes must have good quality soles. Also, the shoes must be lightweight.
There are many sites which are selling these basketball shoes. Also, you can find these shoes in the market or stores or malls. It is important to buy a good quality product with as many features. The above guidelines will help to buy a right pair of basketball shoes.